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2.0 Mbps download speed connection.
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To watch Live Video events your computer AND internet connection must meet minimum requirements.  Please ensure BOTH meet those minimum requirements prior to purchasing any live event streams otherwise you will run the risk of the live streaming video not working correctly, there are no refunds.

Online Access of the entire PAVO Officials Convention for $75! 

Full Online Access includes ALL convention sessions via Live Stream AND Video-On-Demand.  See the  PAVO website  for a complete list of convention sessions.

Live Sessions include:

Opening "Rewind"  - Katy Meyer  LIVE at 8:00am CST 12/13/18
Keynote:  Richard Coffey, Motivational Keynote Speaker & Life Coach LIVE at 8:45am CST 12/13/18
A moderated panel discussion with DI Coaches - Ryan MacDowell, Moderator Live at 10:15AM CST 12/13/18
25 Years of Pioneering, Discovering, and Educating - Mary Jo Kane, Ph.D. Director of the Tucker Center   Live at 11:15 CST 12/13/18
Officiating: Beyond the Rules and Techniques - Mary Jo Kane, Moderator   Live at 11:45am CST 12/13/18
The DII/DIII Experience with panel - Rebecca Carstenson, Moderator  Live at 9:00 pm CST 12/14/18
Sports Imports Social/Award Recognitions -  Live at 6:30 pm CST 12/14/18
Semifinal Analysis presented by VolleyMetrics (Marcia Alterman & Steve Thorpe)  Live at 7:30pm CST 12/14/18
Life Unlimited! - Troy Stende, Stende Inspirations  LIVE at 8:30am CST 12/15/18
A moderated referee panel - Suzanne Lowry, Moderator  LIVE at 9:45am CST 12/15/18
The Big Match: Officiating Your Mind and Body to Make the Right Call - Ashley LaBore  LIVE at 10:45am CST 12/15/18
Watch & Learn:  Next Time It Could Be You -  Marcia Alterman & Anne Pufahl, NCAA Secretary-Rules Editor LIVE at 12:00pm CST 12/15/18

With this package, all other convention sessions may be viewed on demand at the end of every day of the convention. 

See the PAVO website for details on all sessions. 

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2018  PAVO Convention